Remedy:  Headache Relief (Hydrotherapy)

I used to suffer from severe headaches. After searching out the cause of them, I discovered it was due to desperately needing a change in diet and needing to increase my water intake.  I used to think the only way for relief was pressure points or taking medications.  So glad to be proven wrong! One… Continue reading Remedy:  Headache Relief (Hydrotherapy)

Reasons: 8 Keys to a Healthier Life

The 8 Keys to a Healthier Life are the foundation for guiding my family and I in our life reform journey to better lives and ultimately better health. The acronym that it goes by is N.E.W. S.T.A.R.T., for those who would like a snazzy way to remember these 8 essential points.  Following these eight guidelines aid in… Continue reading Reasons: 8 Keys to a Healthier Life

Remedy: Blackstrap Molasses Facial

Blackstrap molasses has so many uses for the body.  I remember when I was diagnosed as being anemic during my second pregnancy, my mother in law started to give me blackstrap molasses as a natural remedy since I wasn’t taking too well to the iron tablets I was prescribed.  While I will admit it wasn’t the tastiest… Continue reading Remedy: Blackstrap Molasses Facial

Remedy: Activated Charcoal

Have you ever heard about activated charcoal?  Well don’t knock it unless you have tried it! I had heard so much positive things about the medicinal charcoal and its MANY uses, I had to try it out.  After using it myself for so many different things, I am a firm believer that this stuff is as… Continue reading Remedy: Activated Charcoal

Remedy: Nature’s Penicillin

Cold and flu season is upon us! What better way to combat sickness than through a natural remedy that will work with your body to aid in healing itself from the inside out??? Sickness is just an outward manifestation of inward chaos.  When our bodies are experiencing imbalance or sickness, they will try to create homeostasis… Continue reading Remedy: Nature’s Penicillin