Caught in the Snare – Part 1: The Lure of Pleasure

When we think of snares, the first thing we think about is traps.  The hunters that lay the snares, position them in two different ways:  1.  Hdden, so well you can’t really see or notice the snare.  2.  Positioned in plain sight.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary gives some definitions that I find so interesting.  It states: A device that has a… Continue reading Caught in the Snare – Part 1: The Lure of Pleasure

Race Problems, Sin Problems

When it comes to race/cultural issues in the world, which are many and are not limited to black vs. white, I have my opinions which I discuss with my family but never publicly.  Does that make me an accomplice to the problem?  I think not. You see, growing up I never really felt accepted by… Continue reading Race Problems, Sin Problems

A Parent’s Weapon of Warfare

As Christian parents, it seems like we wait to train our kids to turn to God in prayer and depend upon Him and His help in situations.  I’ve always wondered why we wait until our children are tweens/teenagers before we start asking them “Have you prayed about your situation/decision first?”  Why don’t we train them… Continue reading A Parent’s Weapon of Warfare

In this generation

Raising children in this day and age is difficult; especially when society is swiftly changing to go against everything you stand for as a parent.  Most parents don’t want their children being gangsters or murderers, however, much music and television of today glorifies the lifestyle. I’m not only speaking about music like “gangster” rap, I’m also… Continue reading In this generation

One of the biggest influences in this world is…

When you think about the biggest influences in the world, what comes to mind?  Presidents, prime ministers, pastors, people, religion or lack their of, governments, belief systems, faith, morals, the pope…so many things come to mind, right?  However, the most influential part of our society is composed of a six letter word…FAMILY. How is it, that… Continue reading One of the biggest influences in this world is…