About Us

We are a family, praying and pleading for the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts to mold our family into a family fit for Heaven above.

The effort to make the home what it should be—a symbol of the home in heaven—prepares us for work in a larger sphere. The education received by showing a tender regard for each other enables us to know how to reach hearts that need to be taught the principles of true religion. The church needs all the cultivated spiritual force which can be obtained, that all, and especially the younger members of the Lord’s family, may be carefully guarded. The truth lived at home makes itself felt in disinterested labor abroad. He who lives Christianity in the home will be a bright and shining light everywhere.  {Adventist Home page 38, paragraph 3}

Feel free to email us at: thefamilyblueprint777@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. kathi

    Hello there. I’d like to introduce you to Mike Winger, a pastor at Hosanna Christian Fellowship in Bellflower, CA. He has more than 300 Biblically-based videos, some of which discuss Seventh Day Adventist doctrines and beliefs. I encourage you to visit his channel. This is just one of his videos that briefly discusses SDA.
    For further teachings, you can check out his YouTube channel and his website, http://www.biblethinker.org. He has a true heart for leading people to salvation of the Lord through Jesus Christ, as well as a heart for those who are lost in what might be untruth. Please check him out!


    1. How unfortunate that he would make videos speaking against Seventh-day Adventist and the biblical doctrine they adhere to. Every doctrine that they uphold is biblically sound. It saddens my heart to hear people would speak against the bible in such a way. I pray every person studies for themselves what the word of God says and not follow other people’s interpretation of what they think. Praise the Lord that’s God’s Word is so clear. Praying for you my dear! Let us all study God’s Word for ourselves.


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